What is the most important to you?

We are getting busy nowadays, I would like to ask what is the most important to you right now? We have different perception in life.


They said, they can take away your material things that you have but the knowledge that you have, cannot. How important is education to us? Some of teens nowadays skip classes just to go out and play online games that will result to being bullied in school and at home and have a low poor grades. However, most of the teens value education because this will lead them for a better future. Mostly people working right now are young professionals who earning higher than their parents. See what education can do? We have to value education because we are investing on it and can be use for the future.


Working hard to earn and for better future for your family is not bad. As long as you give time for them even once in a week. I mean, there's no individual working 7 days a week. That's not normal. Spending one day with your family, means a lot to them. Your presence and spending time with them is worthless other than material things that you providing to them. If your family is important, find time to bond with them and talk things and etc.


There are so many types of Love. It could be loving for education, love for your family, love for special someone and etc. Love really important? For me, yes it is. Because without love, there's no caring and concern from one another [family or friends] and there will be no peace in our heart just hatred. This is also what you feel to certain things that you do everyday. It's not because you just "like" what you do, it is because you "love" what you do.


The sensitive issue at all. They said money is the root of all evil but not all agree with that because we can use money for good like helping poor people or donating in a charity. I consider money one of the most important because without money, we can't provide our family the good education and because you want best for them, you work hard to earn and that's what you call Love.

In my own opinion, these are important in our lives. However the question is "What is the most important to you?"

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