2ne1: Sandara Park on It Hurts

Sandara Park newest Music Video "It Hurts" as the girl who was suffering from a guy who left her for another girl. The hair of Sandara Park was a mess but she's still pretty. :) All their outfits in the music video are pretty.

Here are the photos screen cap and music video below:

Forgive me, I just love Sandara Park. :)

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  1. it was a very good decision for sandara to go back to korea, she did found her niche! thanks for visiting back! have a lovely day!

  2. @pinx:
    yeess.. she turned out to be international k-pop star. :) it's a good choice. :)

  3. whatever it is? I just like her. .=0

  4. even though sandara's hair looks messy? The beauty of her face was really good. She's so beautiful and cute!


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