What do you like best about online shopping?

• You can do it in the middle of the night

If you feel bored and want to kill the boredom, you can go online shopping. Sometimes, If we are a busy person that wants everything in an instant but don't want to go out and fall in line in dressing room at the malls, we go shopping online. For career woman, you can do this after work and helps you stress free.

• You have more options

You will see more designs that you can't find in the malls. Online shop offers limited designs that are your advantage to have that dress exclusively in your place.

• You don't get harassed by the front door salesperson

There are some salesperson that once you went inside their store they will follow you wherever you go around, and check their items. So annoying...

• You can try clothes on it the privacy of your own home

I'm not sure if this is considered as an advantage. Once the item was delivered, you can fit it inside your room that only you can see. Obviously, all of us will fit the dress once it's arrived.

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