Mini-Skirts or Short Shorts?

Which one do you prefer to wear? Or it depends on your mood?

Wearing mini skirts looks so sexy, most specially to the girls who are long legged. For those petite girls can look tall when wearing mini skirts. You will look sexier and really chic because it's a matter of how you carry your dress or how do you carry yourself and poised to the people. It could look elegant. It depends on the type of skirt that you will wear but mostly mini skirts pairs with high heels so that the legs looks sexy.

Short Shorts

Here we go, the "hot" and "in" in today's fashion trend. Like mini-skirt, wearing short shorts are ideal for long legged and petite girls to look tall. Denim shorts can be paired with plain tees, boyfriend's polo, polo shirt and can pair it with flat shoes, flip flops, sneakers or high heels sandals. Depending on your top. Mostly wearing short shorts are more on rugged look. That looks simple but rocks. The advantage of wearing short shorts is that you can do whatever you want unlike in wearing mini-skirts that you have to be aware of might be someone see your undies. ☺ ♥

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