Do You Watch Movies On The Big Screen Or On A Small Screen? [Twilight Saga: Eclipse Movie]

I've always been a fan of watching movie on the big screen however free online streaming and downloading movies can be available after several months from the showing day of the movie that you wanted to watch on the big screen. How about watching you're much awaited movie? What would you choose to watch it on the big screen or on a small screen? Hmm... You don't want to answer? What if I say, Twilight Saga: Eclipse that will be showing on June 30, 2010?

This much awaited movie of the year has arrived! From the bestseller book worldwide Twilight Saga: Eclipse by Stephanie Meyer will invades their fans worldwide on June 30, 2010. Everybody can't wait to see the movie and I' am also excited about it. Everybody are now preparing and scheduled with their friends hang out.

Here are some photos from the movie:

Jacob Black, Bella Swan, Edward Cullen

Team Edward and Bella

Team Jacob and Bella

Even though the movie have not yet showing, fans are divided into two groups: Jacob Black and Edward Cullen in other words, Werewolves vs Vampires. Which one is the best, and which one is much hotter? Are you go for Edward Cullen's angelic face or Jacob Black yummy body?

Geez! I'm sooo excited! ☺ ♥

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