What A Girl Wants Are What She Needs

They said, girls are high maintenance than boys. Yes, it's true that we spend more than an hour when it comes to shop. We have to spend more than 15 minutes what to wear for today because we also depends on our mood and the weather. We are really meticulous when it comes for ourselves to look good and to feel good about ourselves. All those stuff is not only what the girls want, they need it. Aside from doing shopping here are some things that girls do:

Monthly Consumption

Girls have their monthly consumption, boys also has but not that much. We shop for our deodorant, feminine wash, napkins, hand and body lotion, moisturizer, facial wash, face powder and many more. With these monthly consumption, it helps the girls do the budgeting from their allowance or from their monthly salary.

Beauty Salon

A place where girls spend half of their day or less. It depends on what service they will avail. Girls, wants their hair to be beautiful, having a haircut about every three months to avoid split ends. Hot Oil or Hair Spa are good too. For their fingers and toes, manicure and pedicure always comes first for them, it looks nice when you have clean nails. :=)


I know, this is too much for the budget of girls, but this one is also included in what a girl need. Most girls are wearing high heels stilettos so they go to spa for their feet. Body scrubs is also a box office for girls to maintain flawless skin.

Body Massage

For me, this is the best because it's very relaxing and takes away your stress from work. 1 hour massage is good enough to relax and sleep while someone massaging your body.

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