What's In The Social Networking Sites?

Nowadays, you say you're "In" if you have these things:
• Facebook Account
• Twitter Account
• Tumblr Account
• Plurk Account
• Formspring.me Account

From the normal days of Friendster, Hi5, Multiply and Myspace. Yeah.. I know that we all gone with these social networking sites. However, we have to admit it that we were also an addict with those and say bye-bye when new social networking sites appears and amazed us with the applications they offer.

Even before without facebook, there are issued about sharing information online in other social networking sites. That appeared to have "poser." Poser is a term of a person who pretend to be the person, or using other person identity just to have friends. I don't know what are they purposes but it gave depression of a real person that someone is using her/his pictures, profile and etc.

It's not normal before, but since all are free to use the internet, and anything can be found and search over the internet, you as a user or have an account in a social networking sites should be responsible in posting your personal information or let say too much information, photos that should be private to your profile.

One more thing, you have to add someone who you know personally. Don't just confirm and confirm friend's request just to have many friends. Because you don't know who is that person and what his/her intentions to you.

Getting "In" when it comes to fashion or in the Internet is not always being cool. You have to be at least responsible in whatever you do, post, share and in what you wear.

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