How many hours do you spend shopping?

I would say that, this is the question that we girl don't know the right answer. When it comes in shopping, girls are very aggressive and exert more efforts and spends more that one hour to shopping and walking around the mall. Unlike men that, before they will buy something that they want, they already know where, and what store they will go to it will not takes one hour.

What do girls, spend so much time when comes to shop? When we visit a department store or a boutique, we check first the items that were displayed and the price. Some of the shoppers are more on price than the clothing brand. Some shoppers, are more on the clothing brand and never mind the price.

Some shoppers are more on the quality so they better stick to the brand. Some are more on experimental that they want to buy to any stores and any clothing brand while they look after the designs.

Fitting the clothes. I hate it every time I go shopping and there are many women falling in line outside the fitting room. You really have to invest on this because you have to make sure that the dress really fits in you.

Choosing unique designs. "We all want to be different, which makes us all the same." I really like this quote because its really true. When it comes to fashion, we all want to have different remarks the people want us to remember except if you are a follower of fashion.

Spending long hours when shopping can be lessened. I suggests doing window shopping, browse everything and anything and remember the clothes so that when you come back to the store or to the department store, you know what you will buy. =) Try it! It could help. =)

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