Are you close with your parents?

The relations between our parents and us [children] are very important because that's how we develop our ability to have successful relationships as adults, our parents are our models. For the kids who do not feel close to their parents then that probably have not positive aspects of their relationship when they reached adulthood and for them.

There are conflicts between us and our parents because we always have this reason: "They don't understand us." Conflicts arises when we become teenager. It is normal in a relationship to have conflict and because of conflict we changed. These changes occurs quickly. We always move away from our parents and believe that our parents may find it hard to understand us.

To avoid conflicts with our parents you should be:

• Give respect to your parents and you will gained respect too.
• We have to show to our parents that we can do things independently and being a responsible young person.
• Tell your parents where you will go out with your friends and what time you will be at home.
• Go home early [as what have you promised them] because they might get worried about you.
• Treat your parents as your best friend, tell them what you did the whole day, what are your thoughts and what are your problems and I'm sure they will be happy to help you and give you advise.
• Spend quality time with your parents. You're in school 5 days a week and you always with your friends and hanging out during weekends. Spend at least 30 minutes talking with your parents so that they know what's happening in your life right now.
• You may think
that sometimes they are unreasonable, don't argue or shout back at them. You can talk about it and say how you feel about that.
• If you noticed that your parents are doing wrong. Do not shout or scold them. Talk and explain things in a soft tone.
• Don't get involved yourself in drugs, crimes, gambling and alcohol. This will make them disappointed and don't trust you anymore.
• Tell your parents that you love them so much every day.
• Never say bad things towards your parents. They might get hurt.

Do your part as to have your relationship with your parents will improve and have fewer arguments. Then you will realize that their parents are more sympathetic towards you. We can all work together to build a better teen-parents

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