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Busy from work and no time going out for shopping? How about you are working at night and no time to go to malls in the day because you are sleeping all day? Online shopping is more on virtual your doing and shopping and using the Internet. You don't need to walk and browse each stores items. You can check the items any time if you want. Things you have to consider if you will buy items online.

•Check the store location

We browsing many websites that sometimes we doesn't notice the location of the distributor or the seller. To avoid this inconvenience you have to check first the location and if they have branch near your place.

Free Shipping and Days of Delivery

This is a big factor for a buyer to know that if you will purchased an item the shipping fee is for free. Better to know how many days they will deliver the item that you purchased.

•Check available colors, designs and sizes for clothes

Shopping clothes in malls are different from buying it online. You can fit the dress however in buying it online you have to make sure the measurement [length and width], sizes should fit you. The color may be different on the photo to the actual but you should be aware of it.

•Your Budget

Not because you will use your credit card to purchase it means that you can buy expensive clothes. You have to be budget conscious to avoid future burden since you will have to pay your credit card bill. You can easy check the prices from other websites.


On purchased of your item you have to make sure that they will give you warranty. This is applicable if you will purchase a camera, laptop, computer tools, and appliances.

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