How to Mix and Match Your Old and New Clothes ♥

How to mix and match your clothes? Have you always to go on shopping without checking what are inside your closet that you can still wear? Most of us, ladies if there are new trends of fashion we shop until we drop. Here are some ways to do mix and match with your clothes.

Check your closet

Try to open your closet. Separate your clothes by colors and style such as tee-shirts, blouses, long sleeves, and sleeveless in plain or in printed designed. In this way you can also check what are the clothes that you haven't use for a long time now. You can give it to your little sister or sell it to the buyers of second-hand clothing.

Check the style, designed and sizes

It is important to check the designed of your clothes it may be having stains or faded print-outs and make sure that they ca

Better to check your clothes. It may be having stains or faded print-outs and make sure that you can still wear them.

Plain and Prints

Plain shirts and shorts are simple basic in fashion. It can look you clean and neat. Match your plain shirt with your plaid short shorts or skinny jeans and accessorize it with bling-bling necklace. Same as your printed shirts match with your plain short shorts and skinny jeans and flip-flops or sneakers.

Tank Top and Bolero

We all know that wearing sleeveless or sexy top during working hours are not allowed. Pairing these two usually get-up of a career woman to look more professional. Mostly are those in high-level management position. This can be casual look pair it with black slacks and pointed close shoes.

Tube and Sleeveless

You can wear your sleeveless with tube inside. Match it with bright colors will do the trick. For instance, your yellow sleeveless can be pair with light blue tube inside and so on... depending on what color you feel to wear.

These are the basic ways how to mix and match your new and old clothes. ♥

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