What Clothes To Wear

Women are into fashion. Choosing what clothes to wear for the day is never been easy for a girl. It depends on their moods, where they will go, and the weather really matter!

Anything Goes....

This kind of attitude when it comes to dress up, you wear whatever you feel for a certain day. No particular styles. Like picking in a random mode of fashion. You can go girly, rocker, boho chic, boyish or whatever that comes in your mind. Mix and match your clothes to make more variation and look like new to you and to your friends. Playing with colors matching the bright colors into dark colors may result for your uniqueness.
Monochromatic shades will not make you hard thinking what shoes will you pair for your get up.

Simple Look Kills
Basic fashion comes from pairing black and white. Ob
viously, the color of your tops or blouse is white and the lower is black it could be the slacks or leggings and pair it with black gladiator sandals, black stilettos or black babydoll shoes. To look more attractive, you can accessorize it with a big necklace known as "bling-bling" and aviator sunglasses and tadaaah! You have your classy chic look. Don't forget to wear your confidence and your smile.

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