How To Choose the Right Dress for a Party

Here are the tips on how to choose the right dress for a party.

Choose Bold Color and Prints

We usually wear color black during night out. Try more playful and more fun when it comes to color and prints.

Mix and Matc
h Prints and Patterns

Do experiment, see what looks good on you or what is not. Look over the prints and combine it with different kinds and when you doing so... Skip to the color palette. Make sure the colors that you choose will compliment one another.

Don't Show Off Too Much Skin

People always have an idea that if you are going to a party, you have to wear mini skirt, low top, or something back l
ess to impress people in the party. You can find more ways to be creative when it comes to dress in a party without showing off your skin. Remember that showing off too much will attract the wrong guy to you.


Accessorize will
bring different in your outfit. Its always nice to have one statement piece that stand out. Try to wear a big statement necklace with many tangles or wear a big cocktail ring on your hand. This is the right venue to look good over your top.

Its all in the Shoes
The shoes define your whole outfit. I suggests wearing on heels during night out. They can even wear in
a plain dress or in jeans outfit that more pay of. Remember that whatever you wear, you have to be confident and have fun.

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