Cafe Latte

While drinking my cafe latte, I'm staring outside the window.
I wonder how employees in an outsourcing company enjoy their high wages they received every pay day. I am looking at this girl wearing high stilettos with her handy bag on her left arm, holding her Starbucks coffee and talking someone on her mobile phone. I would say that this what you can have if you are earning a lot [of money]. Being an it-girl and a fashionable show that you are working in a call center. Behind of their being in-chick when it comes to the latest trend of fashion is the way how they budget their money like a one-day millionaire. It happens every pay day. Working at night is not an easy job talking and solving technical problems and assisting clients for what they need. Of course you have to treat yourself; you go out with your friends you eat out, chill-in the bars and shopping will keep you away from stress. However what will happen next? After you spent your night with your friends the next morning, you will know that you don't have enough budget for the next week before the next pay day and ask your friends to lend you money which is not sounds good. What is the lesson here: don't spend your money to indulge yourself. Save some of your earnings for your future purposes. We'll never know what will happens next.

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