Who Is Your Favorite Shopping Companion?

Ladies are into shopping they can even stay inside the mall from opening time until closing time just to browse each stores and shop what they want. While shopping we can't decide what dress, bags or shoes, we choose we need to have an opinion with our shopping companion! Then who is your favorite shopping companion?

• Your Boyfriend

75% of girls said that they will not rather bring their boyfriends while shopping. Men don't like spending more than
3 hours of shopping unlike girls. 25% said they will bring their boyfriend along because they want someone to carry their shopping bags and want to have comments and suggestions what dress or shoes designs to choose.

• Your Husband

Mostly married women prefer to be with their husband. They value their opinions with what clothes to buy and to wear. For them, husband is a perfect shopping buddy. Women can get honest opinions and comments from them.

• Your Best F

Mostly of girls that doesn't have a sister will go out and shop with their best friend. It's their only secret where to shop affordable clothes.

• Your Sister

I always go on shopping with my sister. When we were young, we always have the same dress and shoes but the color is different until we were in high school. However, now is different because we have different taste when it comes to fashion. We still go on shopping together to have each other's o
pinion when it comes in buying clothes, bags, accessories and shoes.

• Your Mom or Your Dad

When was the last time you went out shopping with your Mom? Most of the girls would love to go out with their Mom to have an unlimited shopping. Your Mom could relate to the clothes that you want to buy but believe me Mom is more strict when it comes to shop budgeting. I don't know but it depends. When it comes to go out shopping with Dad, same as your boyfriend, you have to choose and buy it immediately because they can't stay for long hours in shopping. They will give you their opinions that clothes in the market nowadays are very different with their clothes when he was still a teenager.

• Shop Alone

This is the best way to shop for those who doesn't like have a shopping companion. They can go wherever they want to go, window shopping alone and choose their own clothes with want they want and don't need advise from someone else.

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