The Social Network (Facebook) - The Movie

Social networking sites can be defined as sites that allow users to create a profile that will be published within a closed system. Social networking sites allow users to display some of the other users communicate and allow them to see lists of other members who are within the system. It should be noted that the main objective behind the creation of a social networking website is that the connections people have pre-existing. Social networking websites accept additionally been created for the purpose of initiating friendships amid strangers. (Acquisti & Gross, 2006)

Users who join social networking sites are forced to make a profile of themselves by filling out a form. After bushing up the forms, users are declared to accord out advice about their personality attributes and claimed appearances. Some social networking sites require photos, but most of them give details about age, preferences, likes and dislikes. Some social networking sites like Facebook allow users to customize their profiles by adding multimedia content. (Geroimenko and Chen, 2007)

The most important companies in the history of social networking sites are as follows


After the Facebook and Myspace invades the teens and internet users. Here comes the Facebook. The social networking sites that offers.


Since then, the company expanded to other universities, then schools. Finally, they invited the business community But this does not mean that the profiles can be exchanged at will. There are lots of constraints among the friends who join universities in the network because they have to have the direction of education. Also, join the network operators should also have the attachment. Com. This company prides itself on its ability to maintain privacy and niche communities and have been instrumental in learning institutions. (Charnigo Barnett & Ellis, 2007)

Here's the Movie trailer of Facebook I mean The Social Network Movie.

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