Girls and Haircuts ♥__♥

My first entry about hairstyles was this entry Who's Got the Best Hair?

Aside from how to look good when you wear dresses and how to match your dress to what party or occasion that you will going to. It's not ending only on the dress you wear, it has to be perfectly matched with your hairstyle.

Boys, don't really into changing their hairstyle unlike girls. Except for those who really hooked with Korean actors hairstyles. Changing hairstyle is not easy, girls have to decide what hairstyle that look good on them. :) (Unless if you don't care with your hair.) A hairstyle that suits your fashion sense. :) Effortless rather.

If you have a long hair right now and thinking to have haircut it to short hair sigh! This might happened:

Yes. Girls can't help but drama about missing their long hair (just few days later) :) Am I right? ♥

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  1. @Traveliztera: YES! SUPER TRUE! :D

  2. lol, indeed. i can not wait already, for my hair to grow longer ;)

  3. hi did you cut your hair??? that you in your graphics??? thanks for dropping by!

  4. even though i'm not a girl and not yet a woman.. hahaha just kidding.. i agree... there are times that girl misses their long hair aftr a hair cut.

  5. Hi Ellen:) omg! I totally agree with you. When I have log hair, I wished for shorter hair then I cut them and then I! btw I LOVE your blog, so cute!!:)
    Katy (


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