What Do You Wear When You Sleep?

After school or work, we definitely wants to go home to rest and to refresh ourselves to relax our muscles from the whole day of work.

I wonder, we always discuss, "I" always discuss "rather" fashions and clothing when you're going out of your house or when you are going anywhere.

However, I am wondering what "do" we wear if we are only at home or to be specific, what to wear when you are going to sleep?

The basic clothes we wear when we are at home are loose shirts and boxer shorts or tank top and boxer shorts (for women). Before, boxer shorts are only for men but now there are also available boxer shorts for women. Created with girly, floral, cute and colorful designs that suits for girls. :D

tank top and boxer shorts

boxer shorts for men

boxer shorts for women

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  1. Nice post! I usually go for tank tops and boxer shorts. They are comfy :-)


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