Ballet Barbie ♥

I was strolling in the mall this (long) weekend. I saw the poster at the entrance of the mall about the Ballet Barbie exhibit. Then I was so excited to see the Barbie dolls wearing gowns from the fashion designers. I admire the designs of the gowns and of course Barbie! (as always...)

Here are the photos of the exhibit: Enjoy! ☺ ♥♥


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  1. They're so pretty!!! :D
    Thanks for sharing these photos! :D

  2. @traveliztera: thank you! (although the photos were kinda sucks because of the low light settings. hahaha!) :)

  3. wowww you're lucky you've seen the exhibit. I wish I were there. I'm a Barbie enthusiast.

  4. @shalla: yeah. I didn't missed the chance to see them when I saw the poster at the entrance of the mall. Good thing I always bring my point and shoot digi cam! :D

    thanks! :D


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