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Most of us are now using Mobile Phones that has WIFI features. I think because of the reason of not all of us can afford to buy desktop computers or laptop and to have a post paid plan of wireless internet connection. Not only mobile phones has wifi feature, there are also gadgets such as PSP (Play Station Portable), Apple Ipod Touch, and Netbook. Which you can connect to free WiFi access.


You can check your e-mail.

It's Free you can browse until you got battery low.

You can update your status to any of your social networking sites.


When you gets battery low, you can't plug or charge your gadget.

People thinks your show-off. (really, there are people who are like that, because they don't have one.)

If you update your status like “I'm at (name of the place), eating (name of the food). Yum yum” your friends in social networking sites will think like “the hell I care?”

Things change, gadgets upgrading and so are people. We would like to upgrade also our lifestyle, when it comes to what's in we always try it because we want to experience it. :)

Happy Weekend Everyone!

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