Hello! I'm back from my hiatus mode. Miss you people! :) Miss my page and I miss blogging. :) I owe you a week guys, so here are the photos from my hometown, Hinunangan, Southern Leyte, Philippines! :) 

First day when I arrived, I can't help it but to take photos of this tree. Lots of tambis!

I miss eating this fruit "Tambis" I'm not sure what is this called in english, but in case you want to know click here and here.

Morning walk around the plaza near our ancestral house

Green and Yellow!

View from my room. I just woke up. 3 hours of sleep was enough because I can feel the heat inside my room. Instant sauna it is!

 Meet my buddies. Moi-Moi (right) and his two sons; (left) the bad monkey and (middle) the good monkey. Seriously, I don't know their names, I just know Moi-Moi. They are Philippine Long Tailed Macaque type of monkey. (Small)

Empty Garden there are no more orchids around here

Alright, this is the "BOOOOO!!!" part of my summer. I didn't bring my swimwear, just in case we will go to the beach. Looossaarrr I was. But it didn't stop me to swim. I wore boxers and black shirt which is kinda weird and didn't deserved to have a photo wearing them hahaha!! sorry guys! ;)

We have the best beach ever!

 My sister Havaianas flip flops.

 Palm Trees!!!

Oookkaaay... now here's my feet, when I washed it because we will go home in a bit. Booooo!! :D My flip flops, toeberries in different colors, black and blue. :)

New kid on the block, Gabriel. :) I told him to smile then that's how he smile :-O hahaha! such a cutie. :)

Hello Mooooo!!! Sup? :P

 My last day in my hometown, I don't have plans of getting out with my Uncles and Cousins to the beach but since I will leave at 4 PM, I decided to come, all my clothes are already packed and I just hung the clothes I will wear to my travel going back to the city so.... I went out wearing my other boxers shorts and shirt AGAIN!!! C'mon! It's BEACH! I said BEACH!! How come I didn't bring any swimwear?! O__o Such a looosaarr.. =|

Our special delicacy: "Kinilaw" (Raw meat of Carabao) ;) I ate one slice of it and it was yummy.

This is ♥♥♥!

KILL THE BOREDOM!! hahaha! :)

Cowboy hat of my Uncle.

Last but not the least. Ladies and gents! It's me chillin' and relaxing. My brother took this candid photo. Feel the summer breeze. This was my last day, I have to take a rest before my travel. I had to go home first because I will leave the town that day.

Shirt: Artwork Short: Bench
I've learned from my mistake, I have to bring swimwear no matter what because you will never know what will happen next. ;)

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 Have a great day everyone! :) ♥

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  1. Hello Ellen! Welcome back! You have a nice and wonderful view from your hometown. I wish I could go there and see it for myself... Thanks!

  2. it looks really beautifuL~
    i want to be in a place like that

  3. Wow these photos are so amazing. You have such a great photographic eye. The Philippines are unbelievable. I can't imagine having such a beautiful home town. Looks like a great place to be bored. I love your photos I am so glad I follow :)


  4. Damn! I love kinilaw? but carabao? you've got to be kidding me! hahah
    Looove the beach! places like this are close to my heart!
    nice photos ellen! and welcome back!

  5. bakit nakakulong mga kapatid ko dyan? hahahaha

  6. hey! ur hometown looks fabby! ;) nice pic too! especially the beach ones

  7. Waaah!! nagbakaasyon ka pala, ms Ellen! Kaya pala, hiatus mode.. ^_^ So you're from Leyte pala. Bisaya man oi. hehe..

    Nice pictures.. Nagandahan ako sa kuha mo sa Havaianas flipflops.. simple lang pero ang cool. Okay next time tlaga, you'd better bring swimwear. Lalo na't bakasyon sa probinsya. You could always use short shorts and sleveless tops .. pero mas okay pa rin kung swimwear tlga. right? hehe.. leasson learned! yay!

    relax na relax ka sa last picture mo ha. nemen!! Glad you had fun sa bakasyon mo, ms Ellen. Now, back to work. hehehe.. LOL .. TC!

  8. Love the photos! They're all great. Next time bring a swimwear so we could see u on photos! hahaha :) you really had a good time there. I think I want to go there :)

  9. its been a while since your away from hinunangan ellen, so nice seeing you..liked your blog ^_^..


  10. beautiful pictures...looks like good times! the tambis looks kind of like mountain apples???


  11. Welcome back ellen. akala ko nagpost yung una kong comment kanina. Nice shot, ang ganda sa province nyo :)

  12. Wonderful place! :) I wanna go there. :D

  13. Waah. Ang ganda ng buhangin sa dagat.. Hindi pa ako nakakapunta sa magandang beach. /huhu.

    Namiss kong kumain ng makopa.. Sarap!

    Namiss ko din yung mga kalahi kong unggoy. :(

  14. Welcome back ellen! kanina pa ko nagcocomment dito, pangatlo na, ewn ko ba kung bakit di nagpopost. ang gaganda ng shots. ganda ng province nyo.

  15. Hi Ellen:) interesting pictures love the pictures you took at the beach:)awesome:)

  16. Oh my gosh, Ellen! These pictures are amazing! I've been to Leyte before. My fam has land there. The beach is beautiful!
    Thanks for the comment! Hope all is well and welcome back. :)


  17. makes me wanna go on holiday :(


  18. wow! AWESOME pictures.. can't believe they are real..

  19. Aww the pics are dorable especially the ones with the cows. I am so home-sick :(

  20. Amazing photos!

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  21. i don't think i've ever been to leyte!! goosshh, such a beautiful beach! and looks clean too :) too bad you forgot your swimwear haha.. next time :P

  22. Wax apple yan Len. Sarap sawsaw sa asin pero yong kinilaw di ko pa natikman eehhh.


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