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First Monday of May 2011. Fighting the scorching Philippine summer heat. I want to make sure that I put sun block lotion, wear my sunglasses and bring my umbrella wherever I go out. Wearing thin cloth of shirts is what I am into. I don't have to worry about it not wear on the next month -- June, which is our rainy season because I can wear cardigan over it. Mix and match will do. :)

This morning, there was a breaking news about Osama Bin Laden is dead. Which is already trending on twitter. The beauty of having a twitter account is that you will know the latest happenings on earth. :)

But there's already a South Park episode about that. It's apparently an old episode. HAHAHA! :)

Then while busy at work and having my 30 minutes break, thinking what to eat at the same time, I saw this video. Red and Yellow about my favorite McDonalds! Wiz Khalifa Black and Yellow Parody. I love Wiz Khalifa too! :) He's one of my fave singers see my previous post.

Have a great day everyone! :) ♥

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  1. This is awesome! :) The south park video are really in! :)

  2. oh yeah I heard about Osama Bin Laden, I guess it's a huge relief though! man I wish it was warm here, we still have to wear our jackets when we go out!

  3. the short clip is kind of gory!! :| sigh, i hope they didn't kill bin laden though.. it will only trigger another terrorist attacks.

  4. oh yeah, i heard about that news.. This summer is really HOT, isn't it?

  5. i was awake when the news hit yahoo's front page!!..i wish they cld postpone finals over here to ceebrate Osama bin-laden's death lol

  6. the video is crazy :)

    xoxo from rome

    (there's a GIVE_AWAY)

  7. Yay. Osama is dead... now what? LOL.. hehe..

    So true. I hate this summer heat.. each time I go outside, it feels like getting inside an oven. Hm, good thing I have my own aircon unit inside my room. I could basically stay there the whole day. Yaaay!! haha.. I'm laughing now.. just wait if I'm still laughing the moment the bill arrives. LOL..

    Tried watching the video but it now says... "The video is no longer available due to a copyright... blah blah".. :(

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