Penshoppe New Endorser: Chuck Bass

OMG! I thought this is just for fun but yeah Chuck Bass is the new endorser of Penshoppe. The Filipino clothing line and one of my favorite clothing line. I love their jeans :) 

One of the stars of the American hit TV series "Gossip Girl" is set to endorse a Filipino clothing line.
Ed Westwick, who plays the devilish yet charming Chuck Bass on the TV show, was tapped as the newest endorser for brand apparel Penshoppe.
Penshoppe confirmed the news in a statement, saying the Britain-born Westwick will headline the brand’s 2011-2012 campaign in the Philippines.
“(Westwick) will represent Penshoppe’s new and revitalized image,” brand director Alex Mendoza said. “His presence and charisma will definitely wake the Philippines to the fact that what is originally Philippine made can also be worn proudly by a worldwide icon as well as people around the world.”
Mendoza said Westwick's personality will go together with the brand's attempt to reach the international market.
“We believe it is time to appoint someone on an international scale… Someone like Ed fits the mindset and is admired by our market.”
Westwick is set to fly to Manila on the first week of June to start the shoot for the line.
Source: abs-cbn news
 Have a great day everyone! 

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  2. I automatically sigh when i see a pic of chuck bass. HOT!!!

  3. cool.. I'm looking forward to it.. =)

  4. thats so cool that hes endorsing this line! :)

  5. Wow, that's great news! That's great that they're going international.

  6. OMG! Shut the front door! This is amazing. It's almost like how much Mango from Spain has started pushing their brand forward. This is amazing and it makes me want to go to the Philippines to shop!

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