Items You Should Keep Longer

In only a few weeks of summer left here in our country, Philippines (except to countries where the season begins in June), take a look at fashion basics you can put on for much longer.

The heat is still on and the sun bites so brightly. Geezz can you feel it? Don't forget your swimwear if you will go out of town. If you don't want to have a "booo!" summer. hahaha based on my previous post.

Investing for items that you can keep and use longer. 

 Striped blouse, Warehouse

Striped over-sized blouse, Topshop

Striped asymmetrical maxi dress, Warehouse

White button-down and shorts, GAP

 Cream Embroidered Bandeau Tunic, Topshop

 Multi Strappy Gypsy Smock Dress, Topshop

 Cherry Print Fifties Sundress, Topshop

 Black Multi Floral Print Strappy Dress, Topshop

 Rust t-strap sandals, Warehouse

Orange sandals, Kate Spade

Beaded sandals, Accessorize

 Wedge espadrilles, Michael Kors

 Orange wedges, Topshop

 Purple sunnies Marc Jacobs

 Orange sunnies, Salvatore Ferragamo

These investment pieces are totally worth summer wear (and keep) for a long time.

Have a great day everyone! :) ♥

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  1. Ooh i love the wedges..definitely a must have!

  2. hmmm..,alin kaya ang bagay sakin dito..wapak!..XD!

  3. t strap sandals always come back in style huh! same as stripes, too bad I threw out a lot of that stuff back in highschool lol

  4. miss ya too.. I like the orange sunnies. Sana manalo ako sa lotto para mabili ko lahat ;)

  5. im really loving all the pretty floral dresses! :)

  6. OMG! I like the purple sunnies!!!! :>

  7. love the dress

  8. Lovely choices!i like them so much :)i like your blog.i am following you now.follow back if u want

  9. the irst striped top is definitely a great pick, as well as the white shorts!

  10. I love the cherry sundress...
    if you want we could follow each other...
    let me know....;)



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