New Wonder Woman Costume

We all knew Wonder Woman with sexy costume. They upgrade Wonder Woman Costume into a modern type. Adrianne Palicki is seen wearing the number in a still released by NBC for its remake of the 1970s series.

What can you say?

New look: Adrianne Palicki squeezes her sexy curves into a skin-tight PVC suit to play Wonder Woman

Lynda Carter (and her big pants) in the original, complete with stars and stripes

Which one you prefer the old one or the new?
[Photo from: Yahoo and]

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  1. I wonder why they changed it..the old costume was better!

  2. Hmmm far too shiny in my opinion but the action shot doesnt look so bad :) Practical so it's okay. Haha

  3. I have to say I prefer the old one. More classy.

  4. I prefer the new one ... it looks less tacky. Xx

  5. mmm i'm not sure the new one is a bit too "halloween costume" for me:)

  6. honestly, i'm sort of biased.. i prefer the old one because that's what I grew up with, lol!

  7. it's funny how the old one seems much daring than the new one! i mean what's up with the covered legs?? haha

  8. i like the old one much better.


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