I'm Broke but I'm Not Poor

Friday. I went out to the Mall, SM had their 3 day sale. There's a lot of people everywhere (of course.) When I went to department store, to check the shoes "what in 50% off or 20% or 10% off" but when I checked it there are all in heels which I'm not into.

So, I decided to check the WAGW [What A Girl Wants] for their shoes because maybe they have new arrival. Yaay! :) The shoes that I've been waiting to. They have it in store! :) So happy. *Big smile

Their shoes are already available online. However I really want to see them in personal so I guess I have no choice but to wait until it will be available in their store. So, I bought this style in different colors. :) too much?! :D hahaha

Can't decide which one to buy so, I decided to buy the two pairs :) for PHP598 each pair. :D [which made me broke but happy.]

It was so funny because I supposed to buy something on sale to save more but what I bought was not sale but I'm still happy! hahaha! :) At least it was not hassled. Not buying inside the department store with many people is a good idea.  :)

Two new babies :)

This is my favorite :)

Can't decide what will I wear first. So maybe I should go out like this. :D haha

Which is not a good idea. hahaha! :) ikr. :P

How was your weekend? :) 

Have a great day everyone! :D

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  1. cute boots! i know the feelin of being broke but happy cos atleast u got what u really wanted :p

  2. I loooove these! Good buy, Ellen. :) Isn't it funny how shopping can make us so happy even if it means our wallets are empty?


  3. LOL at the last photo. :D we really love to shop and make our wallet empty but we are happy! :D

  4. Cute shoes. :) Broke but happy :)

  5. ahahah good idea :P


  6. nice bag and shoes ellen! ang cute ng shoes! pwdng ipang gift hehe

  7. omygosh!! such a good deal with the shoes kahit hindi sale :)

  8. lol you SHOULD go out like that and when people look at you funny just snob them and be like "uhm, it's so vogue, you know" hahahaha. love the shoes you bought though!

  9. Love the shoes!

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  10. omg your new shoes are so cute!! hahah i love that last picture :)

  11. both are so cute! i'm like that too, buy them in every color if i really like it :)

  12. Wow! :) try to wear the shoes like that :) cute shoes :) I like. :)

  13. Those shoes are so cute! Love them:)

    ♥ kisses ♥


  14. where in sm did u buy wagw shoes? :)

  15. i love the shoes you got!! love that the heel/wedge is not too high <3 and the colors are great!!

  16. hello ellen! morning! ust dropping here!

  17. @Christine Reyes: SM CITY CEBU :) can't go to your page because there's no link on your prof. :| [hope you'll read this]

  18. i feel you! i always end up being broke after visiting a mall, pero happy definitely. =)


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