Cheers Sheer!

Express your feminine side with see-through pieces that are romantic and seductive. Lace detail gives a feminine touch base with pleated black or white, and subtle can smooth your silhouette.  Thin Maxi skirts that flare at the bottom are great for accentuating curves (not to mention showing the influence of the hips).

Just make sure you stick to dark colors are more flattering. Be careful not to go overboard with this trend. Remember, the goal is to add mystery, do not show all your goods! Like more skin less clothes. :D 

Brown Sheer Animal Print Pocket Vest, Topshop

Sublimated Sheer Tank, Forever 21

Creme trapeze top with sequins, Dorothy Perkins, price available upon request.

Sheer Stripes Tank, Forever 21

Black Sheer Print Square Hem Vest, Topshop

When I woke up this morning, I was like its FRIDAY today?! O_o haha! Time flies so fast and its weekend. I think the lyrics of Friday by Rebecca Black can help LOL! "yesterday was Thursday, today is Friday, tomorrow is Saturday and Sunday comes after wards.." like, IKR? haha! [sorry for including that here]

Why not, lyrics like this: "After Monday and Tuesday, even the calendar says W-T-F!" :) well, that sounds cool :) 

Have a great day everyone! :) xoxo

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  1. these are really sexy. :) and yeah its Friday. and I don't want to remember the song anymore. hahaha! :D nice lyrics by the way. if you have time, visit my page. :)

    Be happy! :D


  2. who says guys can't wear sheer either. Actually what I bought isn't actually like see through sheer, it's just a really thin fabric. Perfect for those really sunny really windy days when you leave the shirt open and the wind blows it and stuff and you jsut want to make a music video, that if I make will probably look stupid. ill post on my blog sometime

  3. This is perfect for summer Ellen. So mainit! :)

  4. stipes of forever 21 are amazing!!

  5. wow i love see-through's and im really excited to wear sheer that i bought recently thanks for this post ellen!

  6. i love the 2nd one from f21! :D so summery desing... and LOL on that rebecca black lyrics ;P

  7. i really love the third one, it's so beautiful! x

  8. i dont really like sheer material but the leopard top from topshop really make me fall in love!!!

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  10. love sheer tops! perfect for spring :) and that rebecca black song is so ridiculous haha

  11. oh! i like the second blouse.. i got to have one like that, lol!

  12. I loove sheer tops! I like the 1st one from Topshop and the Dorothy perkins one :)

  13. elle i heart your picks especially that leopard print one and the blush pink/cream one with sequins.. omg i would love to add those two to my closet haha :)

  14. sheer leopard is definitely doable!!

  15. the sheer leopard is in my ukay post hahas! nice review! followed u alr dear :))


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