Are you fond of doing, mixing and matching your clothes? And because we experiment, we can get the style or have a new look by wearing your clothes, in Layers. We all know that wearing a layering your clothes have to compliment each other colors of your clothes. How about you are wearing 4 clothes in 1? Hmmm... You can't imagine? Well, blogger, writer, model and stylist Kryz Uy can manage that. When browsing and looking to her photos on Lookbook, this one caught my attention because she's wearing 4 clothes in 1 great look!

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I super love the colors! So fresh and not so bright. ^___~
[Photo titled: Feeling Nylon]
• Round Specs Eyewear
• Gray Top (Sleeveless)
• Blue Polo
• Yellow Cardigan
• Purple Top

Remember, don't wear thick clothe so that it would not be uncomfortable and makes you sweat. Have a great weekend! :)

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