Where Do You Get Your Style?


Reading fashion magazines, guides you to the latest trends in today's fashion. However, most of the fashion magazines, markets expensive clothing brands that can ask yourself "will I buy this pair of shoes for this price? Is this worth it?." Oh-no! Not because it's inside the fashion magazine, it means that you have to follow the
design and the clothing brand in the fashion page. Use your creativity to think, what is the closest designs that you have in your closet that you can pair with your new bottom [that you can read in the magazine or planning to buy one.] Remember, mix and match People! =D


Follow blogs that focus in fashion and clothing styles. Unlike in fashion magazines, most of the blogger shares where to buy good clothes but lesser the price and get the look like you bought it in an expensive clothing store.


People watching. Every day of our lives, we meet many people and aside from their face, height, shape of their nose and make ups we also glance to the clothes their wear. That can give yourself a more ideas to be creative.


If you are a fan of celebrities with the way they dress [except Lady Gaga] nobody can dare to wear the way she dress if you're at the malls or at the streets. Celebrities have to be trendy they have to be "hot." If there's new in the world of fashion, they will be the first to wear it that makes the "new style" turn into "common style" because you're not the only one fan of a celebrity, there's a lot of you.

•Movies or Series The leading lady and the leading man should always look so fresh. Aside from their physical appearance such as they have to be tall, fair skin, sexy and pretty face. They have to be fashionable even if the scene is in the rain, or sunny they have to be still in style. Same as to leading man,perfect six abs, masculine body, not so fair skin and handsome face. They have to be fresh [but we all know, that they have foundation to make more look fresh in front of the cam] they have to cool in every scene and out of fashion, even if they wear boxers shorts.

Whether you got it from magazines, blogs, celebrities, and movies. The important is you know how to carry yourself, you look neat and clean and suits you.

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