Nude Sandals

Have you tried to wear flip flops without straps? These are made of a rubber sole like most sandals but these sandals are lacking one feature seems important, of course the straps! Instead of the tops of the sandals have a thin layer of adhesive to keep the shoes on their feet. No more tan lines or burns feet on hot sand. With nothing on top of your feet and strap between the toes does not have all the fun of being barefoot without the pain.

These are good for those who will going to the beach, on boats and boat docks after pedicure, around the house and yard, swimming pool, nail salons, and much, much, much more! Before you wear the sandals, your feet and sandals should be clean and dry.
When the shoes do not stick and you have to wash to remove oil and dust may accumulate on the sandals. Use a firm brush with mild soap and running water. Let the shoes air dry or use a hair dryer if in a hurry. This reactivates the adhesive.

Well, that so simple. Well, I'm gonna use this after my pedicure. How about you? Are you ready to wear these sandals and be different?

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