My Own Step: Step Up 3 Movie

The movie is about dancing. After the two movies, this third installment is in 3D. I am not after the 3D, they made this for 3D so that audience can feel the beat and the heat of the dance floor while dancing. Like the first and the second movie, you can predict what will happen and the ending. Aside from the movie, the good looking actor and sexy actress, good moves and good soundtracks of the movie. What I noticed is the way they dress.

I like the way they dress that make them look so simple and sexy. Here are some screen shots of the movie:

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  1. It has a low rating on Rotten Tomatoes so I never bothered watching it. But Jon M. Chu ( creator of the LXD) directed it so i guess the choreography's great...

  2. I want to watch this...I cant wait..!!


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