What's your favorite way to stay cool when it's hot outside?

Wear white with light farbric, put sun block lotion and wear sunglasses. :)

Give me a hollar! What do you want to know?

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  1. turn the a/c on and think of cool relaxing thoughts hahaha!

  2. also have a handy bottled of water and munch some cucumber is a great way to cool down:)

  3. shorts, breezy tops, sunglasses, lemonade with lotsss of ice, and lots and lots and lots of sunblock! hahaha :)


  4. Hi Ellen, I stopped by to visit and say hello. You are always at the center of fashion and style. Here's an idea for you. Sunblock. What does it actually? What do the different PFC ratings mean. How do different skin types affect choices? Just an idea.

  5. Definitely by eating ice cream in the shade!

  6. hi, i love your blog so much! it's full of info! im following you now, hope you'll be one of my follower also! thanks


  7. I do agree! I would go with sheer top, high waist pants and also my sunglasses :)

  8. A nice straw hat, a crisp white top, a good dark goggles, and loads n loads of water...
    Smokey Eyes with Lakme
    Dhenupurishwarar Temple

  9. Hi Ellen! How are you? It sure has been hot in parts of the U.S. But here in California, this has been a pretty mild summer. At least compared to past summers when we have had up to 14 straight days of over 100 degree days. This summer maybe period of two back to back days of that kind of heat. Standard "stay cool" approaches is to wear t-shirts and shorts. Drink a lot of cool drinks. Play in the water like pools and rivers. Go camping where it is cooler. Drive to the coast and play at the beach.
    Water balloon fights. Go to the mall or movies where it is air conditioned. Yes, these are some of the things we do here.
    Well, I hope that you get back to writing soon.
    Take care my friend!

  10. I normally wear white cotton shirt with my hair atop my head, lol! left you a kiss, girl! hope you kiss me back..

  11. And find a place with air conditioning!

    Love your Q & A posts!

    Thanks for visiting my blog! :o)



  12. Hello Mario! Yeah, I'm trying to write back again soon... I'm really kinda busy with my full time job. I don't have time just to take a second look on my blog. That's how busy I'am...hehehe. Don't worry, I will try my best to get a new post. Take care :)


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