Closet Collection Cebu Mini Fashion Show

Closet Collection opened their third branch at SM City Cebu, they launched their store and held a mini fashion show last July 2 to show shoppers what they have inside their closet. 

It was a good timing because I was in SM City last Saturday. I always bring my camera (just in case) but the thing is that I was on the right side of the stage taking photos. Still not bad. :)

The Runway

The guests and their store behind.

They started the mini fashion with a guest dancer, she dressed up herself while dancing which was entertaining to all of us.

Before the mini fashion show ends they introduced the two models of Closet Collection: Erica Tudtud and Karina Gajudo.

My Favorites:

What's inside their store:

Photos from Closet Collection Cebu credits to the owner.

Have a Great Day Everyone! ♥

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  5. Ahhh this is awesome! Looks like a lot of fun, and I really like some of these looks!

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