Pinoy designer Robin Tomas' award-winning shirt launched at Bloomingdale's New York

Tomas for Supima :)

The award-winning shirt by Filipino designer Robin Tomas was launched at Bloomingdale's New York on March 19 (US time), according to the Supima blog.

The piece, a "V-neck tee in layered tonal Supima cotton knit," won the Best Reinvention of the Men's T-shirt award at the Supima Design Competition in New York last year. He was one of the six finalists in the competition.

According to the Supima blog, Tomas previously worked as a menswear designer at the Gap, Tommy Hilfiger and J. Crew.  He graduated from Parsons School of Design, and interned at Valentino and Anna Sui. In the Philippines, he launched the couture label Tomas and showed his women's wear collection during Fashion Week in 2009. source: Yahoo

From left to right: Robin Tomas, a model wearing Tomas' award-winning shirt and Supima Vice President of Marketing and Promotions Buxton Midyette.

  Photos from: Supima click for more. :)  

 Congrats! Another Pinoy Pride :)

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  1. the shirt is not so nice !
    anyway !!!!!
    I saw just now your post on vintage
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  2. Hi Ellen, I am stopping by to visit, read and say hello. As always, your reviews are sharp and current. Blogs are demanding of our time to maintain them so I know that you work hard at keeping yours up. I enjoy reading your work

  3. Nice! Congrats to him :) Another pinoy making it big overseas.


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