Fair or Tan?

Note: I supposed to post this last Friday but when I found out what happened that day in Japan, I just saved this as draft. Let's all pray for the victims in Japan and Pray for us all over the world. 

Summer is Coming! :)

If you want to be tan or stay fair these are the summer must have:

Get Tan:

Spending the rest of the year in jeans leaves your legs looking pasty. Spread this over your gams to make it seem like you've been sunkissed all along.

Dark Tanning Oil, Hawaiian Tropic, P365/4oz at all leading department stores.
 Body Glow, P2,500, Nars at Rustans. See the Store Directory for details.
Jambes de Gazelle, P3,098, Guerlain at Rustans. See the Store Directory for details.
Mimic a burnt look by dusting this bronzer just below your cheekbones and on the ridge of your nose.
Bronzer 1 Light, P1998, Shiseido. See the Store Directory for details.

When suffering from beach separation anxiety, this tan prolonging serum allows your color to last between your weekend trips to the coast.
Terracotta Serum Tan Prolonging Complex, P3098, Guerlain at Rustans. See the Store Directory for details.

Even-out your color by using this whitening soap daily.
Natural White Healthy Fairness with Vitamin C Bar, P45, Olay in all leading department stores.

Nothing ruins a porcelain complexion more than a nasty pimple. This day cream protects you from UV rays while working against blemishes.

Flawless White Blemish Prevention UV Cream, P219, Ponds in all leading department stores.

During the summer, you need an extra heavy duty sunblock. This bottle delivers high SPF without the sticky heaviness.
Multi Defense UV Protector SPF 50, P2498, Shiseido. See the Store Directory for details.
Keep matte despite the humidity with this oil-free compact with Aura Bright Technology to keep you bright and poreless for over 12 hours.

Maqui Miracle Compact SPF 36, P1895, Lancome. See the Store Directory for details.

Changes in weather can lead to unsightly chapping. This moisturizing SPF 30 lipbalm will keep your lips hydrated and rosy to match your fair tone.
Sun Care Lip Balm SPF 30, Watsons. See the Store Directory for details.

Have a great day everyone! :)

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  1. wow, i had no idea about that Ponds UV cream! thanks for the tips!

    cute & little

  2. this post gets me all excited for summer!!! btw, i tagged you: http://dressmeupbuttercup.tumblr.com/post/3850140935/ink-and-hello-kitty :)

  3. I want to stay fair. :) I love summer but yeah I can use sunblock lotion for my skin protection.

  4. thanks for this post! id go for fair skin :)

  5. I would love staying fair! Get enough of tanned skin when I was still a jhs student =D

  6. so timely. i have my swimming lessons this summer and i'm on the process of deciding whether to use sunblock or tanning lotion. :)

  7. Summer in India is way to hot. I have to take several precautions before I step out. Else, I'll end up looking like one burnt piece of wood!!! Lolz!!!!
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  8. I'm part of the Tan club. Being from California, it's too hard to escape our beautiful weather!


  9. yey for getting tan the healthy way with no UV rays! haha


  10. hello ellen! First of all, I would like to say Thank you very much for the comment you drop in my entry post! i really appreciate it! Well, this information you share was really helpful to all especially girls!

  11. hello ellen ^_^ salamat ah ^_^ sana matulungan u me..maka kuha ng maraming comment para sa entry ko sa isang contest ^_^

  12. summer is coming! that means.. sunscrean and bathing suits:) yay!

  13. great recommendations! definitely need sunblock nowadays. :3


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