What is important to you, Comfort or Fashion?

There are some people who are comfortable with the latest trends, while others feel uncomfortable. It really depends on the person. :) What you must always remember is not to push something that is not for you.  If you feel comfortable and do not look good with what you wear, then do not leave with that outfit. You will just look gaunt and awkward.

Being comfortable does not really mean you are breaking the rules of fashion. Simply choose the right items to put together to make you look stylish and feel comfortable at the same time. Just like what I always said to my previous post: The important thing is that you must be confident with yourself and what you wear.

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  1. I choose comfort :) I feel "fashionably" comfortable. ;) Up for this post! :D

  2. I like this post! What you are saying is so true because whats the point of wearing "fashionable" uncomfortable things???

  3. Comfort with a good quality:).
    Thanks Ellen..

  4. I did follow already. Check it out.My name is Gingersnap. Have a nice day! You have a good topic today.

  5. wake up in the morning and finding comments like yours make me very very happy!! thank you very much Ellen :-) :-)
    I follow you back obviously, I like your blog!!

    kisses Giulia


  6. This post has great advice! It's so true- some people wear things just to follow the trend, even if they do not feel comfortable with it on. It's best to follow your own taste above all because fashion is about self-expression!

    I like your new layout- it is very soothing and classy. I've had to change my layout a few times as well before I found one that I thought was neutral enough for my readers. I used to have a leopard print background- I think that may have been a little too distracting for everyone! :P :P

    *Claudia* x

  7. thank you for your comment,wonderful blog!

  8. great blog! especially this post is good!

    xx, Sabinna and David


  9. Fashionable comfort for sure! Especially when it comes to wintery days...Although, there are some occasions when you need to choose fashion over comfort=)
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  10. i would always go for fashionable and comfy clothes! :) well who said we cant have em both? :D

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