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Hello everyone! :)

It's been two months since my last log-in to my favorite forum website here in Cebu. When I stumble on the category of Fashion, I found this thread about Cebu Street Fashion.

When it comes to fashion, one of my favorite fashion blogger is Kryz Uy and yes, she's from Cebu but now living in Manila and the new editorial assistant of Preview Magazine (fashion magazine.)

Cebu Street Fashion Blog started to post last May 8, 2011 and I love all the Cebuano/Cebuana outfit they features.

They quote: 

"Taking a fresh perspective into the Cebu fashion scene, we seek to document Cebu's everyday style mavens, as they rock their looks on the streets and malls of the Queen City."

(Cebu is also known as "Queen City of the South")

Here are some of their features: Very laid back and comfy. :)

Janet Bacho
Govinda Trazo
Anne Lorraine Uy ► Check her Blog! Love her photos :)
Sarah Kim

Michelle Ann Y. Yu 
Catherine Medici

 Benjamin Patton ► Visit his page.
 Michael Sanchez
Ryan Salvatorre Riveral
Danny Forio
The idea of taking photos and publishing of Cebu Street Fashion is brilliant! :) I have read about them on DamnVixen blog which has two parts of interview of the Creative Duo behind Cebu Street Fashion Part1 and Part2.

All photos from: Cebu Street Fashion might you guys want to check the page and follow. :)

Have a Happy Weekend Everyone! ♥ :)
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  1. What a cool site! Definitely checking them out!!

  2. Love their outfit! :) All cool and comfy! :)

  3. Yay for their outfits and thanks for sharing the site will visit the blog :)

  4. i LOVE Kryz's dress! the guys are very stylish, too!

  5. Hi,
    I really like your blog!! I have a blog too, it's new born =D
    Take a look to my little blog and follow me if you want =D

    xoxo Lara

  6. Cebu fashion! Love it! ♥ Very stylish indeed. ♥

  7. Cebu fashion is great fashion *wink
    Love it! :)

    oh and there is a blog I follow, I think you're gonna like it (Not mine, foreign)..Ooops gotta find it first as

    I'll be back cause I'm your follower now..


  8. I like the First girl Dress, she is really pretty!
    Thank you for stopping by and lovely comments!
    Im your new follower!



  9. everyone look so good!!!! :) ang dami chinese sa cebu! hahaha!

  10. wow.. I will definitely check it out.sounds really cool! ;)

  11. wow! the clothes are really great. i'm checking the blog.

    i'm in cebu right now and yes, i can't help but notice the great sense of fashion here.

    i also love those stores that can only be found here. haha

    i'm so lucky to be here. :D

  12. Gusto ko ang style ni Danny Forio...


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