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Ooh! She's on my page again. Check my previous post when I featured her here on my page: Sandara Park: Etude House, Miss Tangerine Collection and Sandara Park on It Hurts MV these are on my popular posts. (*see trending posts)

She's one of my inspirations when it comes to fashion. What I like about her is that she's always wearing colorful clothes, layering, prints on prints and do mix and match even when she's getting started with her career here in the Philippines. 

When she joined the reality show Star Circle Quest, she gained fans and garnered the highest text votes from the audience than the Grand winner (though she won the second place). She has lots of fans because of her sweet, pretty face and charm. Filipino fans tagged her as "Pambansang Krung-Krung" because of her being cute.

When Sandara Park went back to Korea to pursue her career in her country where she came from, she's now known as Dara of 2ne1and her fashion change way better than before from being sweet and charm into more matured drop dead gorgeous style.

Speaking of 2ne1, they were here last June 4, 2011 in Manila, Philippines and they had their concert in Araneta Coliseum, I found out that they just sung 7 songs that made Pinoy fans hoping for another show here in Philippines.

Simple Dara  (No heavy make ups)

Sandara when she's starting her career here in the Philippines. (Old photos)


I like her style now since she became part of 2ne1 though I was surprised when I first saw her on their first MV Fire, I can't believed its her. I like their weird but catchy outifts. 

I describes her fashion as:

• Classy Chic 


Love this!

• Fierce

• Plaids and Prints


 • Sweet and Cute


She had a haircut few months ago that makes her look more cute.

Leaving you with 2ne1 latest MV - Lonely. Love their outfits. You should check it out. :)

Have a great day everyone! ♥

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  1. You right,she is really cool,thanks for your comment,I am following you already,have a lovely day!

  2. i love sandy! :)back when she was at abs cbn she really made the audience LOL.. because of her cute and innocent answer during her interview with Boy Abunda.. really happy with her success! :)

  3. Ang ganda talaga ni Sandara!

  4. she has so many different looks, I like how versatile she is, and of course she has an adorable face!

  5. I love sandara too! She, for me, have the most beautiful face in their group (2NE1). well, just a thought! :)


    hope you have time to drop by. :)

  6. Awww!! great photos she's pretty and cute! :) Love their new song Lonely. If only i can understand :)

  7. i miss her, my ex Sandara..haha, lolz.. kidding^_^..wooosshh!!

    nice blog..she's pretty..

  8. lovely post of sandara =]

  9. Wow. She's GORGEOUS! I love her sense of fashion...this is great. THANKS FOR SHARING!

  10. Hi Ellen!

    What a cool girl group. I remember visiting the Philippines and finding out about all these different artists on MTV Asia. It's crazy.
    Thanks for the comment!


  11. Love her fierce photos! And what's so great about k-pop stars is their ability to transform their looks, unlike here na trying hard haha

  12. She's really pretty and very versatile artist / model :) I miss her on Philippine TV!

  13. nice & cutie


  14. nice & cutie :)



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