How to Choose the Right Outfit for Prom

Month of February is special because it's love month. :) This is also special to all high school students ladies because it's their Promenade. Here in our country, our Prom is on every month of February. Which is a perfect timing for young couple to date or to have a first dance with their crushes. Yay! Since this is the special night, you have to be beautiful and outstanding.

Choose the Right Outfit for Prom

Consider the theme of your prom. Is it Masquerade? Glam Rock or Bohemian? This help you choose the appropriate dress that suits the theme. (If you don't want to show up in Cinderella inspired, ball gown when your prom is Disco right?

Search pins magazines or go online to get design ideas for your dress. If you see an expensive designer dress you like, take a picture and fins a cheaper alternative or consider having made it. Be careful not to rely on trends alone. Make sure the design flatters your body type.

Have enough time you will have your dress made. This could take up to a couple of weeks, as they have to fit on several occasions. Bring pictures of the designs you want and show your seamstress. Please note dress code school, too.

Find the right shoes and accessories to go with your dress. Remember, not everything has to match. These is what colors complement each other. Be sure to tell the date the color of your dress so you can get the right bunch. Do not forget to get them a buttonhole!

Make a makeup test. Whether you are doing your own makeup or having done by a professional on the night of the prom, it's good to test it at least two weeks before the prom. Now is the time to experiment with makeup seems to be tested, so that when prom night comes, you will not make a crisis.

Clothes from Soiree available at any SM Dept. Store

Prom Dress from Karimadon

Happy a Great Day Everyone! :)

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  1. Awesome! these are fab. :) these dresses can be also wear to a party or special events. :)

  2. ohh prom, brings back the good ol hs days! hahaha =P love this entry, ellen! I'm sure it will help those juniors/seniors ladies :)

  3. haayayy.. bigla kong naalala yung prom nights namin.. many good memories.. :)

  4. i miss prom. haha!! thanks for the comment on my blog by the way.


  5. OOOOOoooh!!! It brings back memories. JS Prom... ♫
    Searching for the right dress for that one night.

  6. Great tips!It's time for young ladies to shine. These dresses are fabulous!

  7. ugh! it reminds me of my daughter's JS prom this February. thanks for sharing this...

  8. yay! bigla ko naalala yung JS prom ko.. talagang nag pink ako, kasi sabi nila bagay daw yun pag JS charrr. at dun ko medyo na feel na ayos lang "lumandi". syempre ang JS prom ang unang pagkakataon na lumandi ako, at sinagot ko mismo nung JS prom ang lalaking nagkamaling lumigaw sa akin noon. charooottt heheheh

  9. Wow these dresses are amazing! I'm going to a formal soon, so I definitely need to look into these more... absolutely stunning!

    VPV Intern

  10. haha yep. i still need to save money~! im needing it! :)

  11. Great dress ideas!

    Thanks for the blog comment, stop by again soon!


  12. Cute blog! Nice choice of dresses ;)

  13. GREAT! I love all of your posts, Ellen! :)

    Have an amazing day! <3

  14. whoaa I really need it!!! thanks a lot! ^^


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