Gift Ideas for Him

What can you give to your special someone this coming valentine's day? No matter how well, we know our man shopping for his gift can be very challenging. Definitely not as easy as choosing a gift for our friend, sister or mother, whose tastes in gifts more likely to close to ours.  For men, it can be quite difficult to guess what kind of gifts that will appreciate.

So, when thinking of a gift for your man, think about the things you use every day - gadgets as shoes, glasses, perfumes, watches, and even things for his room.

Here are some gift ideas for him:

♥ Perfume
1. If he's the active type, get him RL BLUE #1: The Sporty Fragrance.
2. He'll help you get in the mood for love (and everything else that comes with it!) with RL RED #2: The Seductive Fragrance.
3. RL GREEN #3: The Adventurous Fragrance is perfect for men who have a flair for extreme sports and spontaneous adventures.
4. If your man is often your plus one at big events, help him make a good impression on your family, friends, or colleagues with RL ORANGE #4: The Stylish Fragrance.
 ♥ Sneakers
1. A comfy pair of shoes will make him want to go on those long romantic walks under a starlit sky with you. Ecko Imperial MOC III
2. Ecko Lenox Pylon in grey and light blue. He'll look the most cool among all his buddies.
3. Marc Ecko Phranz Pennings in Black Pewter. If you love exploring the outdoors with your man, this will be great for rugged out of town hikes.
4. A pair of grey and black sneakers can complement any of his basic shirt-and-jeans ensembles. Pony Barney.
5. Totally clueless about your guy's taste in shoes? Black sneakers will almost always do the trick. Pony Bay sneakers.
6. For his nights out around the metro, you may want to get him Zoo York's Bircho in black and red.
7. Zoo York's Huber Pro in black charcoal, can add a preppie twist to his smart-casual outfits.
8. Get him a pair of shoes that come in unique designs but in neutral colors, like Zoo York's Kossuth.
 ♥ Sunglasses
A.. Ray Ban Wayfarer Comics
B. Ray Ban Wayfarer in Color Swirl
C. Ray Ban Wayfarer in Button Pins
 ♥ Watch
1. Marc Ecko, The Encore Oz Watch
2. Marc Ecko, The Flint Watch
3. Marck Ecko, The Maestro Dual Time Watch
4. Red Casio G-shock
5. Casio G-shock in white

Photos from Cosmo

Gosh! Can't believe tomorrow is Saturday! :)  
Have a happy weekend everyone! :) ♥

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  1. Hello! WOW, these presents loves fabulous!

  2. I'd love to shop for a guy I like.. but too bad... I still haven't found the guy.

    Nice gift ideas by the way. ^^

  3. GREAT IDEAS! Seriously, whenever I go and try to find a present for any guy... I find it SOOO HARD T_T

  4. great ideas dear!!!!
    kisses :-) :-)

  5. I still cant decide what I'm going to get for my man:-) your choices are great!! especially the ray bans

  6. ciao, thanks for your sweet comment !

    lovely selection for a gift!


  7. Hi Ellen, thank you for posting this! You just gave me the perfect idea to get for my bf!:)

  8. Oh men, wishing i'm a guy right now.. lusting on some of the items you posted hahaha =P

    <3 hazel

  9. Thanks ellen ^_^ sorry for late visit here. i'm too busy in school this past weeks

  10. thanks for the info! Finding the right gift for men are hard..too hard >___<

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  12. wow! nice stuff you got there...

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  14. great ideas!!!

    xoxo from rome
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  15. haha these are GREAT presents!

  16. Those are the EXACT four things I've been thinking of getting. LOL I seriously don't have a watch to wear on a daily basis. I think I'm now old enough to wear some scent on me and I do not own a SINGLE pair of sneakers. Too bad wala akong girlfriend na mag-bibigay niyan. HAHA

  17. Nice gift ideas! Timing na timing tong post mo wala pa akong gift.

  18. I just realized that I have the similar post hahaha
    thanks btw, it's really helpful


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