What to Wear in your Office Party?

With the holidays, most of us will be preparing to attend the parties (because it's a compulsory, so you have no choice! haha) and look our best during the holiday celebration. As early as, now, it's good to plan on what to wear to meet the family or society annual Christmas party with all his bosses, colleagues and current colleagues. And if you're having trouble deciding what to wear to your office party and feel a bit conscious all over there, here a few things to keep in mind when attending your company party.

Keep it conservative ... A little. (don't show too much skin and less clothes) Note: that you are in a company event and even their colleagues there, you can also become friends, exposing too much skin will be inadequate. Low cut dresses too short and could be very revealing to his superiors and colleagues. Just save that sexy dress  for a night out with your best friends.

Wear appropriates clothing and bra straps. Wear underwear that fit the dress you're wearing. (I trust you with these ladies that's our number one rule! Girl talk!) Wear it!, if you happen to choose a dress that requires a strapless bra. 

An office party is an event of the year to look their best. It's true because we are stocked up with our office uniforms everyday.

Here's the thing, wear comfortable shoes that you should probably live by always. So use one at a party office where they are supposed to mix with colleagues and friends before sitting down to dinner is a great idea. Dancing and having fun may also be involved, so do not try your luck with high heels.

Save the bling for the tree while metallic sequins and jewels at the top are the big trends this season, looking for discreet is perfect for a professional environment.

For Men

Wear dark colored long-sleeved polo or polo shirts. Pair it with Black, gray, or dark colored trousers. These are ideal to wear in a corporate party. For the accessories,  you can wear a watch or a flat ring. (for married men, wedding ring is enough =) )
Black shoes with a strong statement. That is, the quality of materials and labor must be visible in your image.


Do not worry about not being the star of the night, the office party is not the best place to shine and steal the spotlight.

Whatever you wear, you should remember that you cannot attend an office party dressed funky, even if you're used to it with your friends. Is the decency and what impression you make will affect your life.

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  1. This is a great post! Dressing for office parties are always so in-the-middle-not-so-black-and-white. Those are great suggestions though. Thanks!

  2. Nice post you have there. Bold colors specially black are perfect for corporate party. Geezz still have to look for mine. :)

  3. Nice post you have there. Bold colors specially black are perfect for corporate party. Geezz still have to look for mine. :)


  4. Hello Ellen! Nice post for the men. :) Thinking to wear long sleeves polo shirt but I want to look for something new and not common style. Hope you could help me with this one. Have a good day!


    Antonio Good Man News

  5. Nice one! Men's wear... I'm thinking on what to wear for our up upcoming office party. Well, I guess Ellen have answered my worries :)... Hehehe...Thanks Ellen, I hope you post more about men's clothing...


  6. Perfect timing! I just started to look for a dress to our office christmas party. :) Nice tips :)

  7. wow! so true with the shoes! I remember our last year party. I went home with my feet in pain. urgh... This time I will not wear super high heels again. 3 inches will be fine. :)

    thanks for sharing these.


  8. These looks are PERFECT for an office party -- what fantastic tips!
    xo Josie

  9. Nice entry :) color black dresses or with prints / patterns are good :)

  10. Hello, sweetie!
    I love both outfits, for woman and for man!
    thank you for your visit, for your sweet comment and for following back.
    I'm happy that now we follow each other!
    See you soon in you FAB blog!

  11. Awesome choices, loved to read it:)

    ♥ kisses ♥


  12. I really like this post!!! good advices like always :-)
    kisses <3


  13. oh i love the sequin dress in the center. and that is definitely a well dressed man. i love when guys wear black and gray and a splash of color with the tie.


  14. Thanks for the comment, will follow you.

    Visit Back Soon :)

  15. Nice post, I think for the office black is always appropriate and even if you pair it up and look extra hawt, you'll still be business appropriate, color are for parties and such or if you work in the fashion industry and you have an office party then color and more couture pieces are always an eye turner!


  16. great ideas. Love the dresses.xx


  17. Thanks for your comment, amazing blog. And you now have 100 followers:D As i am now following you xox

    you can call me al

  18. Great post, I love your choices! xx


  19. OMG! Lee Min Ho is very handsome~!!! ♥♥♥


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