Daughter of Tom Cruise 'has a credit card'

Yes! Four year old daughter of Tom Cruise and Katie has a credit card. Related entry "Do you have your own credit card or do you use your parents card?" (when shopping?)

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes would have given her four years of age, her own credit card. Suri is becoming one of Hollywood's most famous children and is regularly seen in public wearing designer clothes and shoes. 

The young fashionista even designs his own costumes and it seems to be following the footsteps of his father, while she is taking, acting classes and dancing. Apparently Suri is mature for her age, so that Tom and Katie have decided to give her daughter a credit card so you can learn the value of money from an early age.

Suri loves going on shopping sprees with Katie, so you can keep up with the latest fashions. While enjoying the playground, buy clothes, she also likes to spoil their famous parents as well.

“They give her an allowance on the card and she can spend it on whatever she wants,” a source told Grazia magazine. 

Now, who said being fashionista are only for young lady or woman out there? Of course, being fashionista can be for kids like Suri :)

Have a nice day! :)

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  1. Oh how I envy her.. I'm already ___ (hehehe..) and I don't even have a credit card. Hihi! Loser much?

    Anyway, I guess, that's one way of teaching kids the value of money.. (Though I don't think the family will run out of millions soon..) She gets to pick and buy things that she really needs and wants.. and just within her credit limit.

    Lucky kid.. Hehehe.. =)

  2. Suri is the most fashionable kid :p
    but is it okay to give a credit card to a four year old kid?

    by the way thanks for following me :)

  3. How lucky of her to have her own credit care at a very young age~! XD

  4. I am jealous of her- I don't even have my own credit card! But she is really adorable in that first picture! :)

  5. There's no prob with me I guess .. the life of a blessed people!

  6. She is sooo Lucky :) Hollywood girl :) ♪♫♪

  7. I don't have a credit card :) but its okay better to pay cash to buy things than paying bills with an interest:) She's sooo cute! :)

    No problem at all they are rich :)

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  9. Hi Ellen:) omg! is this for real?? wow, I'm so jealous right now, I am 20 and I don't have a credit card. I swear! and no, my parents never allow me to use their credit card. I have to save money to buy my own things. She's so lucky!

  10. Good post.. thanks for sharing...

  11. I´m so jealous! It´s not fair :D I´m 15 and I DON´T have my own credit card! But Suri is cute and I love her outfit creations. Still better than Willow Smith!
    xoxo from Hannie

  12. she looks so cute!but maybe her own credit card is a bit too much, I don`t think she can even reach till counter to pay lol. xx


  13. they're so cute :D
    i've followed your blog too, hope we can be a good friend :D


  14. I don't think this is the best way to educate a daughter and to teach her the value of money..anyway I hope she'll spend it in beautiful bags and shoes :P
    thank you very much for your lovely comments on my blog!!

    kisses, Giulia


  15. Suri is adorable, but she's only a child! it's too young for a credit card! OMG!

  16. She's very beautiful! And her shoes are very nice! :D she's a credit card at only four years is...fantstic! ahahahhahah


  17. Wow, I wish they were my parents. She is adorable xox


  18. she is super lucky!.. and so cute ! yup im jealous

  19. Thank you for stopping in my blog Ellen :)) and for your lovely comment!


  20. She's so lucky! And beautiful!
    Thanks for visiting my blog and for your lovely comment! =)


  21. Well, when I have kids one day, I hope they don't get any ideas. Lol. Suri is definitely the most stylish child in Hollywood. She is so adorable here in all these photos. :P

  22. OMG. So cute. So adorable. And another wow for her having a credit card when I, a 22 year old girl, doesn't have one! FTW. :))

  23. Wow... a credit card. My mom asked me if I want one, but I answered there's no need for it since I don't go out that much. At first I wanted one, but I realized I don't need it... for now.

    Suri's pretty cute! I hope she'll grow up as a fine lady.

  24. Im so jealous lol, hoe she doesnt grow like a spoiled brat as other hollywood kids does

  25. let's be honest, she is way too young to have a credit card and she doesn't always make the best fashion decisions. but she's 4 years old and super adorable.


  26. Thats cute. Suri is so cute and fashionable.

  27. omgoshhhh, no way!
    i haven't seen suri in a while. the paparazzi hasnt been taking her picture as much, right?!



  28. not a fan of the cruise's but I adore Suri! so cute and so chic!


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