Fifty Shades of Grey Movie Trailer - Feb 2015

Can't hide my excitement waiting for them to upload the trailer of Fifty Shades of Grey when they announced it two weeks ago. I know most of you girls were excited too! :) And because I am one of the readers of this porn book worldwide, I would like to give a space for this one here on my blog.

I just can't wait for this movie.

 The red room which everyone of us imagining how it looks like, hope it will meet my expectations and also the characters of this movie. So, reading the book again since last night for my preparation for the movie. HAHAHA! :) I read it last 2012 because my friends were into it, good thing I joined the bandwagon and got hooked to Christian Grey! <3 nbsp="" p="">
Let's get real here, I raped the replay button last night because it was too loading, I watched it when it was uploaded 10 minutes ago! See how excited I was! :D

For some GIFs that are now available on buzzfeed. Thanks!

BRB, Dyiiing! :D

Have a great day everyone!

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  1. I laughed! I just posted a movie review of a tagalog film that I did watch weeks ago! Nakalimutan ko, eto na ang fifty shades!! Cant wait!!


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