How Kate Middletown Will Change Her Style as a Princess?

Yay for the date today! 1-11-11 :) The soon-to-be princess Kate Middleton has just celebrated her 29th birthday. Check her fashion. :)

Middleton's questionable sheer top. Middleton's bold fashion choice came at a wedding on Saturday in North Yorkshire, where she wore a velvet jacket fastened by a brooch with her chest peeking through a sheer top underneath.

The now-famous blue Issa dress Middleton wore for her engagement announcement was beautiful, elegant, and fit like a glove.

This blue jacket and hat were a stunning combo in 2009

Middleton clearly is drawn to blue garments, and this dress suits her nicely.

On Middleton's 25th birthday she wore this $78 dress from Topshop which sold out 24 hours after these photos were released.

Many women coveted the long-ago sold-out white ruffled "Nanette" dress by Reiss that Middleton wore in her engagement portrait, so the company is re-releasing the design this month.

This classic black-and-white ensemble is perfect for a princess.
all photos are from yahoo

That's all for now. Forgive me for this (not so) lame post. haha I am sooo busy good thing I can still manage to blog. Yes I will find time to blog and visit your blogs check what's new with you people. :) Have a good day to everyone! and Good night to me. :) time check: 10:47PM and I need to sleep now. :)


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  1. she is so beautiful!!!! can't wait to see more of her!


  2. I think she looks so beautiful in her engagement pictures!

  3. Whoa! Sold out?! What she wears gets sold out? HAHA! Wow! Well.. the dresses are beautiful and it looks good on her. She's beautiful too. A perfect combination.

  4. Hi. Can we exchange links? :)

  5. ooohh.. it reminds me of the Princess Diary movie :)

  6. I'm actually not the biggest fan of her clothes- I like the way Princess Di dressed better. However, Kate always looks so pretty, and it will be so much fun to see all that she wears and to see how her style evolves through the years.

    *Claudia* x
    Molto ❤ Fashion

  7. Kate is simple and I like her. She deserve to be a princess.

  8. @ALL: I agree. She's beautiful and simple. Can't wait to see her wearing a wedding dress :)

    @mary: yeah sure. I added your link already. I post a comment on your page. :)

  9. She looks stunning! Very fit to be the next princess :) I just hope their relationship lasts!

    xoxo hazel

  10. Hey sis! Im done linking you. Imma visit you always, swear! (: I love you :*

    PS. Twitter? @mmnarvasa

  11. hey thank you

    I also agree that she is so

  12. i really find her gorgeous:)x stop by sometime dear,you might like it:)xx

  13. Thanks! I will. How are you? :)

  14. She is really cute! Hope to see lots of beautiful dresses ;)

  15. I read her b day dress online and people were like "so scandalous kate not wearing a bra" but like wtf she's showing 1/10th of her clevage in those pictures lol. people need to chill and she looks great

  16. I LOVEEEE KATE! <3

    Great post!

  17. love it!

    Would u like to follow each other?


  18. Hi Ellen, she's gorgeous, she have the perfect figure!
    Katy (

  19. She's becoming more a princess-a-like with her style :P
    I wonder how she will look like in pants?


  20. she is sooo pretty!! i cant wait to see her wedding dress!! :)

  21. Oh wow, we almost have the same article here:

    Anyway, you have quite an interesting blog! :)


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