Are you a Follower of Fashion? ♥

When it comes to fashion, we all want to be different, which makes us all the same. Well, that's a quote. (laughs) We all want to be "in" or be in the "hot zone" when it comes to wear new trends. For me, as a follower of fashion, you don't have to be only "just a follower" you have to be "unique" and "stand out" even though you are all have the same trend of fashion. You can do experiment and mix and match your new clothes to your not so old clothes. Accessorize is also important to make it more attractive.

I think all girls are followers of fashion here are their answer to my survey:

"Yes, I'm a follower of fashion, I want to be updated to what are the latest trends, shoes style and accessorize." - Emma

"I love collecting fashion magazines and that makes me a follower of fashion, getting idea from the fashion magazines makes me more creative." - Faye

" I love to party and attending events! Being "in" in fashion is one of my rules." - Irene

"Yes! Although branded clothing kills me regarding my budget, I find a dresses that could fit my budget, still branded but not that popular." - Hail

"I do. But I'm more on mix and matching my new clothes to my not so old clothes." -Anne

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